The Points Series

The Points Series is a season-long competition.  To qualify for the series you have to ride a minimum of 6 open events on Midlands ‘K’ courses. Points are awarded according to your placing on standard in each event adjusted by the number of riders in the event. Your best 6 results count towards your total for the competition. Prizes will be awarded to:

  • The top 6 riders overall in the competition
  • The best 8 improvers in terms of increased points scored over their total for the 2014 season
  • The best 3 men and best 3 women, in terms of total points scored, who ride the Points Series for the first time

The results will be published regularly here. (Note that this competition is completely separate from the CTT Midlands Rankings that is published on the CTT Midlands site).


Points Series Rules for Midlands Group:

· Any ride on a “K” course, in an open event, during the current year, to count. Your position based on placing according to your time on standard will be taken.

· You must be a fully paid up member of the Midland VTTA at the time of the event for your placing to count. Rides done before you have paid your annual sub won’t count, and there will be no adding rides retrospectively—so better renew now, to be sure all your rides are eligible.

· At least 5 riders need to finish and record times on Standard for the event to count. In other words, there will need to be at least 4 riders other than yourself, who are Midland VTTA members, for the event to count in the series.

· Points are awarded with 200 for 1st and so on down. However the number of points awarded in an event is weighted by the number of qualifying competitors. This is done using something called “the Eyles Formula”. This is ((Number of people you beat or equal +1) ÷ Number of finishers)) x 200.

· If riders are equal on points, it will be the rides done in VTTA events that will then be used to separate them. The rider with the most points from those will be deemed the higher placed.